Thursday, January 3, 2013

MAGIX Xara 3D Maker 7 v7.0.0.442 Incl Keygen

MAGIX Xara 3D Maker 7 v7.0.0.442 Incl Keygen

MAGIX Xara 3D Maker 7 v7.0.0.442

Cracker Brainrain & DarkSide Protection Serial
Supplier Digital Insanity Release Date 01/01/2013 Packager Digital Insanity Release Type Keygen
Tester Digital Insanity Release Size 24 disks/10.0 MB Description

Note to siteops/nukers:

This time we decided to pack the setups too next to our keygen (even the non pro, and older versions despite the fact that some of them were released with patch), because as we noticed the downloadable setups/contents can vary depending on various circumstances for example which magix domain you visit (,, etc) or which country your IP belongs to, and who knows what else Different versions can have different product parameters so we are trying to avoid troubles at the end user side with this decision

Note to MAGIX authors:

We would like to give something back and not only take away, so open your eyes now: Your WMI implementation is faulty and will never be executed properly You should call CoInitializeSecurity to set the needed privileges to be able to query the MAC address through WMI

Hello Scene!

Here is our last masterpiece to you. We have to close our keygen factory
As you probably all know, reversing in high level takes a lot of time, energy and patience that we don't have anymore. We don't see the point in releasing random things that can be done by any other teams just to keep the illusion that we are still alive and increase our release quantity. We have to concentrate on our real life. You know the usual story which makes people disappear from the scene: family, girlfriend, child(ren), job, etc. This was our playground for about 10 years and we enjoyed it pretty much! Well, it wasn't only a playground it was more a lifestyle. We met a lot of good people around the world on our journey. Reversing is like drugs, very hard to stop it and nothing can exceed the euphoria what you feel when you realize/solve something. I remember the time when a lot of groups MU raced even on random converter apps. And also there was something to admire almost every day from great teams like AGAiN, CAFE,DT, EDGE, ECLiPSE, PARADOX, TMG UCF, SHOCK, SSG, ... (Naturally the list isn't complete just mentioned some of the best). There was life back then but now it's more like an empty space. Almost all the quality teams are gone and there's quiet everywhere. I feel sorry and miss everyone who i knew/used to compete with. We won't disappear fully from one day to another, but this was our last big release so don't expect anything from us. We may update our existing solutions when we have time & energy. We'll see what future brings. I'd like to say thank you to all of our friends and supporters in ACME, AiR CORE, EMBRACE, HAZE, MESMERiZE, X-FORCE, ZWT. Last but not least I'd like to thank those who helped us a lot with testing this release: Bionic, dihux, HaRdLoCk and my favourite slackazoid in team AiR who wants to stay anonymous and he was the one who made our kickass keygenmusics exclusively for us. And another friend in Embrace who helped in packing this annoying amount of applications with his packer system.

Special thanks goes to DarkSide for hardcore reversing
sessions and many sleepless nights.
Always remember: Quality over quantity

We wish you Happy New Year and all the best in the future
Brainrain & DarkSide [Digital Insanity] - Where mind
becomes a weapon

Xara 3D Maker 7 transforms any texts or shapes into high-quality 3D graphics and animations. A number of designs and templates in different styles, plus intuitive real-time editing and easy-to-understand tools will quickly help you to produce professional results.
Ideal for
  • Buttons & Logos for websites
  • Animated titles in videos & slideshows
  • Artistic fonts on pictures
  • As a complement to word processing & presentation programs and much more.

Install notes
  1. Install the application
  2. Block its inet connection with firewall
  3. Enter Serial Number (run kg as admin)
  4. Type a fake email
  5. Select activate by post/fax or ticket
  6. Enter Activation Code (Serial Number and Activation Code work in pair!)

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