Friday, November 23, 2012

Pinnacle Hollywood fx 5 Free Download

Pinnacle Hollywood FX Pro v5

Experiment, create, and maintain total control over all of your 3D effects

Pinnacle Edition, Pinnacle Studio and Pinnacle Liquid Systems users take unprecedented control of your 3D effects with Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5. Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5 is a powerful creative tool, consisting of more than 400 exciting 3D transitions, titles and animation effects that are easy to use and fully customizable. Extensively manipulate and control an effect’s style, flight path and lighting all with a few simple mouse clicks. Go one step further and create your own unique effects using 3D objects, videos, and 3D text. Apply **** and warp deformations to any object or video within an effect. A few of the deformations possible include twisting, exploding and rippling of any 3D object and chroma, bump mapping, alpha wipes, posterization and painting over 2D surfaces. In Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5 all effect parameters are key frameable as a group or individually.

Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5 supports Edition’s real-time GPU architecture
Not only does Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5 deliver incredible, professional-caliber features at a reasonable price, but the software delivers outstanding performance as well. Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5 is the only 3D effects tool that supports Pinnacle’s Edition real-time GPU architecture. The software includes 25 brand new real-time effects that are optimized for the Edition engine. Click here to learn more about the technology behind Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5. Thanks to Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO version 5’s redesigned interface, which incorporates the look and feel of Pinnacle Edition version 5, creating the perfect effect is easier than ever.

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